Galaxy Angel Rune [An] – Recruitment!

We are currently looking for English editors. If you’re interested, please contact us at our e-mail address:

– rgfansub –

Update (March 24th, 2007): We now have an editor for this project. Thanks for the offers.


5 thoughts on “Galaxy Angel Rune [An] – Recruitment!

  1. As the English editor for Venus Versus Virus, I can probably answer this based on my own experience. Being based in Indonesia, Anime-RG is made up of people for whom English is not their native language. As a result, they need someone willing to help them smooth out the English translations to make them sound more natural to native speakers. You would get the script of an episode, and your job would be to comb through it making any necessary changes.

  2. I’m not very fluent in english – I communicate in english at work (video game tester) and outside of work, I’m all french. Still, my english must not be so bad because I’m often asked to find typos in video game scenarios, manuals and etc.

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