Saki ch. 75-77 [Mg]

Bet you didn’t see this coming. 78 should be soon™.

Also, being a tripe release, there probably degradation in quality about one third (ha). Comment here to report mistakes.

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20 thoughts on “Saki ch. 75-77 [Mg]

  1. dont care about mistakes or chapter being late, the point is you’ve released it and i thank you for that. And i lol at Mako for getting one chapter. I guess the author knows we dont care about her and want to get to better characters, but Aislinn is cute. In fact i love Miyamori and hope they advance with Kiyosumi. Can’t wait for more badass Hisa.

  2. By the way, when we said Akagi was getting a second season, we really meant Kaiji. Sorry, sorry, sorry.

    Brb, crying over this one just like Kaiji would.

  3. I’m a bit sad for Mako and I wanted to see the English girl a bit more. Well, I guess none of them had “special powers”, so it’s okay.
    Hisa acted very strange at the beginning of 77; luckily she’ll probably come back. I hope Kiyosumi aren’t last after the 3rd round.
    Ah, and lol @ Morning Rescue time =D

  4. thanks for bringinging saki back, and as most peoples i dont care about quality i just wanna read it
    P.S Only one school can get to other round

    • actually i think its 2 schools because they say next is the best of 8. Check back to when they show the bracket and it shows this as well. I dont know how that works so i wouldn’t mind someone explaining it.

    • LOl its fine. for the longest time i thought that too. And like i said before i have no clue how they do the best of 8 to championship thing.

  5. Aahh, so no new season for Akagi ? I hope there will be one someday, even if don’t believe it.

    Mako is skipped again, what a shame ! After all these chapters about Yuuki, and her never-ending match…

    Anyway thanks for the chapters, and go Hisa !

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