Saki ch. 78 [Mg]

A bit late, but here.

Apparently alchie complained a bit about the quality of my cleaning (which actually just removing text and applying light level adjustment) so here, I created another version (which are all crap since I can’t actually clean) which you can… vote… so I can consider it for next release. Check them here.

[ Torrent | DDL ]

alchie: Please download via the DDL rather than the torrent if you can. Thanks.


6 thoughts on “Saki ch. 78 [Mg]

  1. Thanks for the release. Man ain’t nothing like Hisa kicking ass and i hope she keeps doing it. I aint that worried about Haru but the author might surprise me. I only think that because next round is where i think Eisui will start kicking ass.

  2. Thank you guys for all your hard work. I was wondering if you had plans on translating the vol extra from vol 7. Its about Tsuruga and it looks good. If possible i would like to read it. Once again thanks for translating this fun manga.

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