D-Frag! ch. 17 [Mg]

The 3rd chapter of volume 3 is now available. New Character!

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8 thoughts on “D-Frag! ch. 17 [Mg]

  1. Thanks for the new chapter =03. +1 to Kazama’s harem???

    I’m surprised, and a bit amazed, that Kazama unintentionally but SUBTLY goes a distance with his female ‘friends’, though with Roka, it is not-so-subtle. I mean, no one mentioned how Chitose was willing to feed him with her chopsticks last chapter. Could you see Chitose doing that with anyone, given her personality!? Sakura too, with the whole, “I only let people I like touch me.”, though I know it wasn’t meant in a romantic sense. Takao is obvious.

    This chapter too. I really wouldn’t have expected Funabori to be in anything so quickly, despite what she did at the end of the last chapter. I guess having a normal nice girl around to balance all the nutjobs in this manga is a nice change of pace X03.

  2. Thanks!

    Q: When comes the next Saki chapter. I can wait, just asking 😉

    @frubam > “Chitose was willing to feed him with her chopsticks last chapter”

    I think she trolled him and intentionally dropped the food to the floor… well, you can call it love if you want… the love of a asdist 😀

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