Saki ch. 79 delayed

And no, not because of the disaster happening in Japan. It’s just because I’ve been playing (and losing at) too much mahjong (complete with cursing and stuff/body-breaking).

I’ve handed the job over to our new typesetter. Hopefully he will be able to finish it soon.

I have no idea whether this week’s release is delayed or not. Let’s just hope the best.


6 thoughts on “Saki ch. 79 delayed

  1. i understand, better late than never right? and thanks Iamthecheese for the update, im glad that Saki isn’t delayed.

    • No problem. I’m glad that Ritz is alive first and foremost, actually. I was particularly worried because she doesn’t update her blog that often, nor does she have a Twitter account.

      Anyway, I think that all that’s left is typesetting, so it shouldn’t be long (Knock on wood).

      • All type has been set and sent in for approval. It should be up soon, assuming it’s up to scratch and he hasn’t had his thumbs broken by mahjong hustlers.

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