D-Frag! ch. 20 [Mg]

The 6th chapter of volume 3 (or so I think) is now available: Nurse!
Sleepy again, but… It’s the final of the World Cup today!

[ Torrent | DDL ]


10 thoughts on “D-Frag! ch. 20 [Mg]

    • fidzerone said it’s bi-weekly. Latest chapter out in Japan is chapter 29 while the latest tankoubon (which we cannot find, thus aren’t using) is volume 4 which came out in February of this year.

  1. I knew it! Hinagiku = Takao!
    and Hanazawa = Roka lol
    oh I love this manga page by page ♥
    never fails to bring my most laugh xD

  2. How the heck did I miss this release (O.o)? Anyway, thanks for the chapter. This chapter really made my day after that slightly disappointing BwTS chapter I just read =0\.

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