Yoiko – 18 [An]

Two episodes to go! Expect them sometime next week.

We are still in need of a competent translation checker for Maicchingu Machiko Sensei. Translations are coming in on a consistent basis, but they need to be checked as per the request by the translators themselves.

If you want direct downloads of our releases, check out the ray=out forums. If a specific release is not present, request it!

Torrents: [ Episode 18 ]


2 thoughts on “Yoiko – 18 [An]

  1. This didn’t seem to be your most popular series, so I wasn’t sure you’d keep doing it till the end… Thank you for your effort!

    • Something tells me you haven’t been paying attention or are new with us. We’ve planned to finish Yoiko since we started. It’s 20 episodes, 10 minutes each, how can we not? As for the popularity… In sheer download count, it isn’t as much as our other series’, but the support we have received over the last two years have been tremendous.

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