Mai Mai Miracle – Film [An]

After about six months in the making, we finally have for you the Mai Mai Miracle film. Our release is based loosely on ARR’s version, however, many things have been changed using the official Chinese and French versions. The involved that deserve thanks for their time and effort are Jupiter_RingsID of anime-rg, Reeds, kokujin-kun, namaiki, nollarg, (Collectr), Samika and Anonymous of ray=out.

It’s available exclusively in 720p and 1080p as we used a Blu-ray source. Grab it now while it’s hot and enjoy! Cheers!

Torrents: [ 720p ] – [ 1080p ] – [ Translation Notes ] – [ Kotoringo – Kodomo no Sekai ]


6 thoughts on “Mai Mai Miracle – Film [An]

  1. Bought the DVD when it came out but seriously it cant compare to this release. Btw i cant seem to find the original soundtrack, the ending song is beautiful, u guys have any clue where i can get it? thx for the release anyway, very good job.

  2. Thank you very very very very much for subbing this wonderful movie. I was quiet surprised as to why this wasnt taken up by any fansub group. But you finally released it ^_^ Thank you once again for all the hard work you put in it.

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